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Miss Soulfly

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  • Gigs 2014

    10.01. - TBA, Zagreb

    24.01. - Beograd

    25.01. - Novi Sad

    08.03. - Pula

    22.05. Opening part 2, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    01.06. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    08.06. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    15.06. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    22.06. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    29.06. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    06.07. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    13.07. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    20.07. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    27.07. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    03.08. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    10.08. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    17.08. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    24.08. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    31.08. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    07.09. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    14.09. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    21.09. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    28.09. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    05.10. VIVa Warriors, Sankeys Ibiza, SPA

    Gigs 2013

    05.01. - Tenk, Rijeka

    23.02. - Tenk, Rijeka

    08.03. - Stereo Dvorana, Rijeka

    09.03. - Afterparty@Tenk, Rijeka

    15.03. - Arena Club, Berlin

    29.03. - TBC, Rijeka

    06.04. - RetroElektro, Stereo Dvorana, Rijeka

    27.04. - Burn Mixoff w. Maceo Plex, Tvornica kulture, Zagreb

    20.05. - 02.06 - Ibiza Burn Bootcamp

    22.06. - Hideout Promo Party, Makarska, Croatia

    28.06. - Beach party, Pula, Croatia

    01.07. - 01.10. - residency at Sankeys, Ibiza, Spain

    12.10. - Krek the house w. Miss Soulfly, Rijeka

    18.10. - Future Undeground w. Miss Soulfly, Ljubljana

    31.10. - Halloween Party w. Miss Soulfly, Pula

    22.11. - Innocent Music w. Martin Butrich, Ljubljana

    06.12. - Kogo, Beograd

    14.12. - klub Kriterion, Sarajevo

    20.12. - KUC Lamparna, Labin

    24.12. - Innocent Music TBA, Ljubljana

    31.12. - Stereo Dvorana, Rijeka

    Gigs 2012

    31.12. - New Years Eve - Ljubljana, Monokel

    11.02. - MERDA festival, Opatija

    18.02. - Carneval party, Rijeka sator, Rijeka

    18.02. - Tunel, Lady's Night, Rijeka

    25.02. - k4 - Roza Night, Ljubljana

    14.04. - Udine, Italy

    28.04. - Monokl, Ljubljana

    19.05. - Boat Promo Party, Galileo

    25.05. - Innocent opening w. Terry Francis, Ljubljana

    09.06. - MC, Hum

    23.06. - Boat Party

    06.07. - Novi Vinodolski After Carneval Party

    27.07. - Ljubljana Splav

    28.07. - TBA, Baska

    04.08. - TBA, Pula

    03.10. - k4, Ljubljana

    15.10. - ParkOff Delnice

    27.10. - Stereo Dvorana, Rijeka TBA

    02.11. - Slavonski Brod

    09.11. - Monokl, Ljubljana

    24.12. - Discordia, Rijeka

    31.12. - Grajski raj, Ljubljana

  • Biography

    Miss Soulfly is fresh blood of electronic music scene, always playing from the heart with the tendency to spread all over you and into you with a mission to leave you with a full heart before going home. With her unique style and charisma she instantly won the floor and gained a lot of interest.

    It all started back in the 2006 when she decided to transform the love of music into a life's passion. After wining some local dj competitions the gigs just kept on coming.

    In 2008 she gained an Audio Engineering Diploma at SAE University of Ljubljana and since than she is collecting more knowledge and experiences as a sound engineer and producer, which leads to supremacy in understanding the background of the music she plays and makes.

    She played in many clubs and open air events all over Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Switzerland and Germany. In 2012, she joined Innocent Music label and management organization. She released with labels such as Innocent music, Blacksoul Music, Tekyon Music, Melomane, Pixel Tree, Body Music, Baccara etc,... In the past few years, she received great support from artists such as Steve Lawler, Hector Couto, Philip Arruda, Paco Osuna, Maceo Plex, Someone Else, Hugo, D-Formation, Philipp Ort, etc...

    In 2013 she won the Croatian finals of the "Burn studios residency contest" and thanks to that, spent 2 weeks on Ibiza, joining Burn residency bootcamp program, where she successfully got in to the finals. Working with great artists such as Steve Lawler, Solomun, Maceo Plex, Hot Chip and many others, she expended her knowledge and experience that opened the doors she only dreamed of.

    Her first big breakthrough was in the summer of 2013. when she got a residency on Ibiza as a resident DJ in highly respected club Sankeys, where she played on ViVA Warriors night with djs like Steve Lawler, Darius Syrian, Sante, Phillip Bader, Guti, Robert Dietz, Detlef, Anek and many more. While living on Ibiza, she also had an opportunity to play in the biggest club in the world Privilege, famous beach club Sands and top radio stations on the island Ibiza Global radio and Ibiza Sonica.

    Her capacity for understanding the music, its layers and a natural ability to entertain, care and connect is the reason people never forget and always want more. It's a complete and perfect symbiosis between a dj and a crowd, needed for a full heart and the first and most important reason why she does it.Her status as a successful female dj combined with her professionalism and hard work has gained her respect with her dj colleagues and more important the dancing crowd who appreciate her sincerity, openness and the fact that she's simple and approachable, loving what she does.


    Miss Soulfly - Can't explain - Blacksoul Music

    Miss Soulfly - Glasses EP - Innocent Music

    Miss Soulfly - Outside EP - Taekyon Music

    Miss Soulfly - Too Much For Me - Taekyon Music


    Paul May - Learning to Fly (Miss Soulfly remix) - Blacksoul Music

    Miroslav Pavlovic - I'm melting myself (Miss Soulfly remix) - Melomane Music

    Goldwunsch - Remembering Sand (Miss Soulfly remix) - Basse Noire Recordings

    Igor Brzovic - Memories (Miss Soulfly remix) - Pixel Tree Music

    Igor Brzovic - 1505 (Miss Soulfly remix) - BM Slim

    Igor Brzovic - "Do You Remember" (Miss Soulfly remix) - Club Femme

    Igor Brzovic - "Do You Remember" (Miss Soulfly remix) - Final House Spain